September 24, 2015

Diablo 3: 1000 Points Of Waste - Part 4

It's been a couple of weeks.  We've had Forza 6, Metal Gear Solid V, and a big Destiny update getting the way, but nothing can stop the slow inevitable march of Diablo 3 progress.

Diablo himself (herself?) falls in hardcore mode in this latest run.

Here's a video clip:

Here's my current standing:

September 13, 2015

Diablo 3: 1000 Points Of Waste - Part 3

This is it.  This is the last achievement that will be quick to pop.  It's all uphill from here.  Tonight saw the completion of all Campaign acts.  I bounced around a bit, so Act I was the last to go.

I'm going to focus on building up a Hardcore character to 70.  It won't be easy.  When this game was brand new, there were tons of friends to level with on the PS4.  I went to the Blizzard forums and added 40-50 people to my list.  I never made that effort with the Xbox One, so I'm doing most of this solo.

Here's a video archive:

Here's my current achievement standing:

September 11, 2015

Diablo 3: 1000 Points Of Waste - Part 2

The Skeleton King fell in tonight's run.  I'm working on building up a Hardcore mode character for one of the other challenges.

Here's a video archive:

Here's an image of my current standing:

September 10, 2015

9/10/2015: Can Love Bloom On The Battlefield?

It's a Nerd Night.  We should all be playing Metal Gear Solid V, right?  No one got the memo.  With the launch of Destiny "Year Two" one day ago, we all play Battlefield 4 anyway.  I hadn't touched the game in months.  We all had rocky starts, but I think our 5 man squad was getting the hang of things by the end of the night.  I had a blast.

Here's a video archive of the event:

Diablo 3: 1000 Points Of Waste - Part 1

I've already gotten the platinum for Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition on the Playstation 4. Join me on a terrible journey to spend even more of my precious life moments on a console version of Diablo 3 in the vain pursuit of obtaining all achievements on the Xbox One.

Some of these pop more easily than others.  From a skills perspective, most of them aren't difficult to obtain.  The achievements that are the "hardest" just require more time.  One requires 500 completed bounties for example.  Yikes.

Here's a video of my last run with the game.  The end boss of the final chapter falls in this one.  Who knows what exciting things await in Adventure Mode?  Well...  I know since I did all this before on another platform...  but still...  WHO KNOWS?

Here's my standing after the events in the video:

8/27/2015: Games Games Games

A new player has entered the game. We gave him a tour of our Titanfall prowess and displayed ourselves as... lacking. He seemed more up to the task than we were despite playing the game for the first time.

There was an issue with the Twitch capture from this Nerd Night, so enjoy some random footage of me wasting some time in Diablo 3 before the main event began.

August 14, 2015

8/13/2015: In Space, Everyone Will Have An Australian Accent

Tonight was an all Borderlands night. Brad and I make things happen on the moon. Have you ever wondered what cultural shifts would happen when humanity becomes a spacefaring civilization? According to Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, we will all get awesome Australian accents.