December 04, 2014

12/04/2014 Debrief

Nerd Night has come and gone already.  Titanfall was on super sale over the holiday, so we all own it now.  We played a few rounds of the "Frontier" mode (coop) and finished the evening with some "Attrition".

This is my titan.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.


I like this game.  There are tons of stats to pour over buried in sub menus.  In one of them, I found that I had only played the game for a total of 3.5 hours including the 2 hours we spent with it this evening.  I think that's far too little.  As much as I enjoy the latest Call of Duty, I think I had more fun with this game tonight.  Why?  I can identify a couple of reasons immediately:

It takes a few good hits to kill a pilot and many more to take a Titan.  That means there is more time for reactionary strategies.  In Call of Duty, if someone sees you first and they have a better home network, you will often be the loser.  Maybe that's just me and my inability to play a fast-paced FPS well. Regardless, I felt like I spent more time in each round of Titanfall mixing it up in intense firefights.  That's fun.

Attrition mode includes a mix of bots and human players.  For the most part, the bots are easy to take down.  Killing them also contributes a small amount to the team score.  I feel like I can have my middle-aged butt repeatedly handed to me by human opponents and still contribute.

Frontier mode feels like a more dynamic coop mode.  I like guarding the harvester more than I like guarding my own life.  If you go down, you are dropped back into the match and still have a chance to complete the round.

With the Season Pass additions, there are a lot of maps to play in this game.  Most of them seem very well designed considering they have to accommodate the space of both the small pilot and large titan entities.  That can't be easy to balance, but it feels like they have.

Maybe Titanfall is just more forgiving and I like that.  So far so good.  Looking forward to more of it with our group.


Titanfall has always been a great game.  I played more than I would like to admit of the beta on Origin (pc).  I prestiged for the first time on PC shortly after launch, and then picked it up on Xbox One when I finally got on board with the newest console generation in April.  Respawn has added several map packs since the last time I played, and I recently grabbed the season pass while it was on sale awhile back.  Since several friends decided to pick up their Xbox One with the crazy deals going on since November, it is time to get my money's worth out of that season pass.

These new maps that the season pass throws into the rotation are pretty amazing.  They look gorgeous and offer some interesting challenges to the action taking place for titans and pilots alike.  It is taking time for me to get used to the new layouts and whether or not a jump is actually possible, but I'm really having fun again with this game.

Aside from the pass content, there have been a lot of new modes introduced and a black market system added.  We tried out the Frontier Mode to see how the Co-Op wave defense would play out.  I was pleasantly surprised by how fun the this mode was and highly recommend people try it with some friends if they have not already.  I am not sure how fun it will remain to be, but for now it's a great time when introducing new players to Titanfall since they are unlocking AI-related challenge bonuses and getting a large amount of XP.  It's a great way to level up without the stress of getting repeatedly killed by players who have unlocked better weapons or attachments.

After beating CoD: Advanced Warfare's campaign, I played with Matt and others online for a bit.  The whole time I played, all I could think about was how much better Titanfall felt.  AW is a great game, but coming from Titanfall's Azure servers and no controller deadzone, it left a bit to be desired control-wise.  I really feel like I have full control of my pilot as I parkour about the map and love the fact that everything isn't one shot kills.  If prices were the same, and you just wanted to play online, Titanfall would be the better choice in my opinion.  If you like the crazy action of CoD stories, then the fact that there is a legitimate campaign in AW pushes the value needle in it's direction.

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