December 19, 2014

12/18/2014 Debrief

Nerd Night has come and gone. We played Frontier mode (co op) all evening. There were great highs and terrible lows. It took us a round to get back in shape. After we were in the zone toward the end of the night, we fared pretty well. Here's a video featuring a heartbreaking failure: a few remaining infantryman destroyed the harvester that was our charge to protect. Sorry to everyone who relies on this bulky piece of industrial machinery that conspicuously juts out of a city square. It's like seeing Carrot Top in the middle of a group of humans. Some things just don't belong.


Ugh.  So close.  After watching the Twitch highlight, I think the column of infantry that eventually destroyed the harvester ran right in front of me while I was bee-lining it for the nuke and mortar titans! At least I stepped on one of them.

It's a fun game.  Why haven't I played it since our last Nerd Night?

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