January 17, 2015

1/15/2015 Debrief

Thursday rolled around and a lot of games were begging to be played.  Unfortunately we were down 2 of the usual folks in Matt and Gabe.  Real life gets in the way of a good time now and again, but we made the best of it!

Paul decided to recently purchase an Xbox One for his son and set up account sharing.  He told me that his son had watched one of our previous nerd nights and wondered why he couldn't do that too.  Karter seemed to pick everything up pretty quickly and since he didn't have everything installed from account sharing with his dad yet, we settled on Titanfall.

The 3 of us hopped into Frontier Mode and I picked a map I thought the 3 of us could complete.  Karter did great, even outscoring his dad.  We ended up winning that map pretty handily and moved on to more challenging maps.  We didn't fare quite as well being only 3, but Paul did redeem himself outscoring his offspring and all was right with the father-son hierarchy.

After a couple more attempts we moved on to Advanced Warfare based on Karter's request.  We played a bit of the co-op, but we struggled mightily as we seemed to spread out and then die trying to revive each other.

All in all it was a fun evening, unfortunately the stream died so I don't really have any highlights to share.  

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  1. Thanks for the recap, dude! I'm glad to hear the fun was had. Congrats to Paul's son. See you guys again soon.