January 08, 2015

Brad's Favorite Games of 2014

I also picked my XBox One up around the release of Titanfall.  That said, I will have a game from 2013 on my list since I was not able to play it until this past year.

Dead Rising 3

Capcom Vancouver made a great game in Dead Rising 3.  This is, I am ashamed to say, the first entry in the series I was able to finish.  This entry kept me engaged from start to finish and the sheer amount of zombies on screen was impressive.


This got a lot of playtime from me on PC and on XBox One around the time of release.  A couple of months later I put the game down and moved on to other games in my backlog.  Having recently come back to it for our group's gaming night, they have made a lot of improvements and it is just as fun as it was when it first came out.  I love the addition of Frontier mode, and I really hope they build on this in the future or with future iterations of the franchise.  It needs to be a staple and not go the way of Halo ODST's firefight (by being left out in subsequent releases).

Dragon Age: Inquisition

My personal game of the year.  Nothing has been as consuming and enjoyable this year.  Honestly this is the best game I have played in a long, long time.  Maybe its because everything they did with the game appealed to my personal sensibilities, but I see a lot of like-minded chatter regarding the game on Reddit and other social outlets.  My advice, don't be intimidated by the amount of time people said the game took to complete.  Time flies when having fun anyways!  I personally completed the game after 107 hrs, but probably could have completed it in 50 or so.  There was just so much I wanted to do and see, that I felt I owed it to myself to consume as much content as I had patience for.  I imagine there is another good 20 or so hours of content waiting for me when I return.

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  1. Reading your list, I don't know why I left Dead Rising 3 off mine. It kept me entertained from start to finish. Maybe I just didn't like it quite as much as the first two. Still a lot of fun and another good exclusive for the One.