January 07, 2015

Gabriel's Favorite Games Of 2014

Most of 2014 left me feeling as though I didn't like a lot of what everyone else liked. Not a bad thing but it may say something about my lack of variety.

As I wrapped up my run on the 360, I really enjoyed the DLC for Dishonored. It was nice to revisit that game and actually see that DLC wasn't a money grab for every publisher. The content pulled you in just as much as the original campaign (if not more) and they really made it consistent.

I was rushing to get through my unplayed games before the transition and one of the games that suffered from a lack of attention was State of Decay. It doesn't look awesome and it starts out pretty dry. I had actually started it and quit months before picking it up again. The progression and relationship building would have sucked me in had I given myself more time. Decay was very much a living game and character deaths mean more than they do in most other games. Hopefully I'll get a cheap remastered version for the X1.

Moving into the next gen, I nearly exhausted the opportunities in Shadow of Mordor. Call of Duty was the first game I played on the X1 but Mordor was the one that made me happy about the transition. Nothing will make players suffer the way Dark Souls does, but Mordor starts you out pretty rough. Watching that first rise in the Orc ranks is shameful. Eventually you become fairly untouchable but you have to work for it in a fun way.

Titanfall was the biggest surprise. I've taken to it and not returned to CoD. I've watched the reviews of X1 games over the past year and the letdowns really prevented me from moving into the next-gen wave (plus, it's been expensive). When Titanfall didn't live up to the hype upon release, I wrote it off. The BF deal was too good to pass up and the thing that's kept my attention is the simplification compared to CoD. I don't feel like I have too many customization options and constantly in a battle of leveling up with a bunch of teenagers. The lack of a good campaign really doesn't bother me, it is what it is. Every time I've bought a CoD sequel I feel like I've been suckered again. Not so with Titanfall and I didn't mind being proven wrong.

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  1. What didn't you like this year that everyone else seemed to like?

    I haven't touched the Dishonored DLC, but I've heard it's well done.

    Dark Souls II is coming soon. Prepare.