March 12, 2015

3/12/2015 Debrief

Last Nerd Night was a bust with a major ice storm across the East and a power outage.  Tonight we had one man ill and another packing for a trip.  Paul was engaged in some Destiny with his son.  Brad was a trooper despite his illness and chatted for a while. It was lightly represented, but not without its fun.  Twitch was down, so broadcast highlights don't exist from tonight.  There were perfect moments, but they exist only in memory.

I started out the evening with some Geometry Wars 3.  The top 300 was almost broken on one leader board.  I'm not that good a player.  Maybe more people are playing on other platforms?

Form a queue, ladies.

Titanfall celebrated its first birthday by announcing a second game in the series and making all its DLC for the first game free.  Yay!  We celebrated by finishing the evening with a round.

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